Move To Amend Question Will Be Placed On FDL And Ripon Ballots In November

By a tight 4 to 3 vote the Fond du Lac City Council Wednesday night decided to place a question on the November ballot about campaign financing contributions. Local Move to Amend movements are hoping to eventually get a constitutional amendment that would reverse the U.S. Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision that ruled corporations and other entities can be considered as people and money is a form of speech thus eliminating limits on political campaign contributions. Mark Resch (above) is with the Move To Amend group in Ripon. He told the Council it’s not a free speech issue. But Paul Rosenfeldt says it is about free speech and corporations are made up of people. Former North Fond du Lac Village Clerk Donna Richards (below) helped organize the Move to Amend group in Fond du Lac. She says she saw influence at the local level, which could boil down to something as simple as a cup of coffee being paid for by someone who wanted something from local government. The Ripon Common Council Monday night also voted to put the Move to Amend question on the November 4th ballot.