Multiple Crashes Friday Keeps FDL PD/Sheriff’s Department Busy

It was a busy Friday on the roads for both the FDL PD and the FDL County Sheriff’s Department. Things started to get a bit crazy Friday morning with reports of a moped and car crash on Main at Fox Lake Road in Waupun. There was no immediate word on the seriousness of the injuries there. 

Then, just a couple hours later, Fond du Lac Police were called to the crash scene at 3rd and Everett , where a car rear-ended a truck. The car sustained heavy damage to the front, but again, no word on how serious the injuries were, if any. The Fond du Lac County Sheriff’s Department was then called this afternoon to the scene of a two-vehicle accident on near County Road Double O. Three people were reported injured, two of them children. Multiple ambulances were called to the scene, but again, no official release as to the extent of the injuries. 

And then a call late Friday afternoon had the FDL County Sheriff’s Department responding to Cty Hwy. WH and Evergreen, just north of Mt. Calvary, where a crash pinned one person in a vehicle. Three people were reportedly injured, but no further details were available as of Friday evening.