Myths, Stigma Remain Around Mental Health, Disorders

Mental health continues to impact our society – and be a
major topic of discussion as well. But many people who may have mental health
issues either don’t know it or fail to address it, because they fear the stigma
that may be attached to them. Dr. Jim Salasek from CSI of Fond du Lac County
tells us that seeking help is the best thing a person can do. 

Salsasek points out that “there’s also the stigma – so that if you do use the service, there must be something wrong with you and you’re unpredictable or you’re going to be more violent or you can’t be trusted.”

He add that “there’s
still a lot of myths out there about mental health and mental disorders that
keep people from even accessing the service because they’re afraid other people
will notice them going into that clinic. Well no, you’re healthy and healthier
when you make the choice to go get that help.”

Comprehensive Service Integration of Fond du Lac County focuses on helping people find the proper diagnoses and treatment for any kind of mental health problems they may have – and connecting them with ways to address them.