National Correctional Officers Week

The 60 plus men and women who are officers at the Fond du Lac County Jail are celebrating National Correctional Officer’s Week. Sergeant Kelly Schellinger is the Juvenile Superintendent in the Jail. She says people don’t realize all the things their officers have to do to make sure the Jail is running efficiently. She says some of those jobs include delivering meals, setting up and distributing medication, making sure there is clean clothing and hygiene items, make sure there is dayroom recreation, group activities, getting inmates to court hearings and medical appointments. She says that doesn’t include booking people into the jail. She says there will always be challenges and frequently long hours. She began at the Jail 26 years ago. She says at that time you trained on the job, but now new officers at the Jail get about two months of training before they start. President Ronald Reagan created National Correctional Officer’s Week in 1984.