NBA Title Good For FDL

The Milwaukee Bucks are NBA Champions for the first time in 50 years, and while it to some it may not seem like a championship in Milwaukee can help attract people to live, work, or to visit Fond du Lac – Joe Venhuizen (Venn-hy-zen) with Envision Greater Fond du Lac says – think again.  

“When people are considering this community or to work for one our local corporations and they’re considering relocating from a different state, a different part of the country, the Milwaukee Bucks. The Deer District. That’s a selling point. It’s huge and obviously now that they’ve seen it on TV, it’s something that sticks in their mind and they think it’s a really cool scene and to only live an hour away from that and be able to be accessible, it’s great.” 

Venhuizen says aside from sports – one of the great selling points of the Fond du Lac area in general is its close proximity to population and cultural centers, such as Milwaukee, Oshkosh, Appleton, Green Bay and more.