Nearly 150 Homes Will Have Lead Pipe Water Services Replaced This Year

Fond du Lac Public Works Director Jordan Skiff gave the City Council an update this week on lead pipe replacement services. Skiff says they will be updating nearly 150 water services this year. The City Council will be asked to approve the final assessments for those projects at their April 26th meeting. He says with the money the City got from a Safe Drinking Water Loan the City will be able to provide about a 35 percent match for lead pipe replacement for private water services. He says they were hoping the average cost to homeowners would be $3,000. He says in all but 7 cases it will be less than that. He says property owners will be able to take up to 10 years to pay off the cost of the assessment. Skiff says letters were sent out last Friday to all property owners who will be affected by this year’s replacement program.