Nearly Two Months In, Things Going “Smoothly” with FDL City/County Building Security Upgrades

New courthouse security measures have been in place at
the Fond du Lac City/County Government Center for almost two months, and
according to Fond du Lac County Sheriff’s Lieutenant Chris Dobyns, everything
related to the security upgrades has been going very smoothly. “The technology
has been working, the schedule has been working, the guys that are there –
their delivery, their interaction and understanding of what needs to be done is
working, and the general public that are coming in, they’re buying into it, so
that’s working,” Dobyns tells us. He adds that while some people may not like
the changes and think they are unnecessary to have, the security measures have
been put in place with the safety of both employees and the public in mind. “Everybody
that’s in there doing business, whether you’re there to pay your water bill, or
you’re going up to the third floor to speak with the District Attorney’s
Office, whatever you’re doing in that building we want everybody that comes in
there to know that there’s a level of security and safety that they have in
that building,” Dobyns said. The security upgrades went into place on August 5th.