Neighbors Kept Away Or Shelter In Place During FDL Standoff

Hundreds of people gathered to watch or catch a glimpse as they rode through an area on the west side of Fond du Lac Tuesday night where a standoff between a State Trooper and bank robbery suspect left both dead. Police kept residents a good distance from the scene, some for hours. Nick Cleveland showed up because his mother lives in an apartment near the scene of the shootout and she hasn’t been in good health. He says she just had surgery the other day. He says he told her on the phone to stay away from windows and stay inside. Alyssa Piper moved into the apartment she lives in four months ago. The drama was still unfolding when she arrived, but she was kept out of her apartment building for about 90 minutes. She says she was stunned to see the street filled with cop cars and ambulances, but was glad it wasn’t in her apartment building. It was four years ago last Friday Fond du Lac Police Officer Craig Birkholz was shot and killed during a standoff.