New Carpeting Being Installed At The FDL Public Library

New carpeting is being installed at the Fond du Lac Public Library’s downtown branch necessitating moving of some materials and furniture. Currently the second floor is getting new carpeting then it will be installed on the main floor. Community Information Coordinator Terri Fleming says the current carpeting was installed during the 2004 renovation. She says, “It is really old. Our carpet on the main level and the second floor is original to the remodel and it is in really, really bad shape. So we have started a project to re-carpet. The second floor is going to go first and then we are going to do the main level.” The second floor is currently closed to the public. Computers have been moved to the main level. The second floor will reopen March 5th then main floor carpeting begins. Fleming says they will also be improving the parking lot this spring and a larger book return bin will be installed. She says, “As soon as the weather gets warm enough to pour concrete the main parking lot is going to get torn up to install a new much bigger book drop and have that positioned closer to the building, easier to get to. “ The new parking lot layout calls for a new, additional driveway along Portland Street and more spaces for handicapped parking.