New Deputy Nears End of Training

Deputy Blaine Evans is entering his final weeks of field training with the Fond du Lac County Sheriff’s Office – before hitting the streets on his own. Evans has worked with several field training officers, and says he’s building his own ideas through what each deputy teaches him. 

He tells us “one deputy does it one way – he takes one roadway, and then you go with another deputy and he goes down the same roadway but gets there a kind of different way, and you go with another deputy and see this way – then you put it all together and make yourself your own deputy essentially.”

Evans has about two weeks left – where he will have a different field training officer. 

This is the final stretch before his training is complete, and he says “now in these next two weeks, the field training officer is just
expected to be there in case he’s absolutely needed. But he’s essentially just
there as my shadow. I’m supposed to handle everything from calls to traffic
stops, et cetera. If there’s some kind of safety concern where he’s needed to
step in, then he will. But otherwise he’ll just be standing there watching to
make sure I’m capable of performing the duties of a sheriff’s deputy.”