New Equipment Would Give FDL Fire Vehicles Green Lights At Traffic Signals

The City of Fond du Lac is working with technology that would allow fire department vehicles to get through signaled intersections without having to weave through traffic. Dave Zittlow is the Information Technology Manager for the City. He says they are working with Opticom GPS and have installed the transmitters on the vehicles at the Western Avenue Fire Station. He says they have also installed the rest of the equipment needed at the Johnson and Pioneer and Johnson and Peters’ intersections. He says firefighters simply need to send a signal to get a green at those intersections while the rest of the traffic is getting a red signal. He says they will slowly convert most of the City’s major streets to the new technology over the next few years. He says they will do all of Johnson Street this year, all of Main Street next year, and then Park Avenue after that. He says it is about getting the emergency vehicles to response areas quicker and too the hospital safely. He says it will make it safer for emergency vehicles and the public.