New Evidence And A Possible Suspect In Berit Beck Case

New evidence submitted to the state crime lab has Fond du Lac County authorities hoping they have a prime suspect in the Berit Beck abduction and murder. Pictures of the hands of 60-year-old Dennis Brantner of Kenosha were sent to the crime lab for comparison to physical evidence gathered from Beck’s van, which was found abandoned in the Kmart parking lot in Fond du Lac in July of 1990. One of Brantner’s hands is physically deformed. Fond du Lac County District Attorney Eric Toney says no charges have been filed against Brantner. He says there is no timeline on murder charges. Sheriff’s Lieutenant Cameron McGee says they are following up on other evidence including trace evidence at the Milwaukee Crime Lab and with possible witnesses. Brantner was a trucker at the time of Beck’s disappearance and lived in the Brandon area. Her body was discovered in a ditch near Waupun in August of 1990. Sheriff Mick Fink says the Beck case was pretty well publicized at the time and they are still hoping someone will come forward with new information. Anyone with information is asked to call the Sheriff’s tip line at 920-906-4777.  Hear the Berit Beck press conference by clicking here