New FDL County Deputy Training

Fond du Lac County’s newest deputy is training before taking to the roads on his own. Deputy Blaine Evans is going through the process of becoming part of the patrol – and he says there are several different situations he has to become familiar with. Evans says high-tech simulators are helping him prepare for very real possibilities. But he tells us “it’s different. You’re talking to a screen rather than a person but it’s pretty realistic. There are actual actors that act out the role and (Sgt.) Paul Metzger can kind of control how he wants the scenario to go. If he thinks I’m lacking in the verbal skills, he may have them react differently. If I’m doing well with verbal skills, it may deescalate.”

Detective Pete Vergos says it can be an intense process at times, but “we try to make training also a team-building and a little bit of fun in their exercise as well. We take a lot of pride in our training. We have some really good trainers here that we’re happy to work with.”

Field training for deputies lasts for about twelve weeks. Evans adds that although he is from Fond du Lac – getting a grasp on the geography of the area and knowing all of the county side roads and smaller areas is a tough task.