New FDL County DNR Conservation Warden

The western portion of Fond du Lac County has new DNR conservation warden. William Hankee  took a long route to become a conservation warden. He got a degree in natural resources through Fox Valley in 1997. He says he then worked out west for 15 years. He says he was in South Dakota for 5 years and in Wyoming for ten years. He says he spent eight years as a law enforcement officer for the state of Wyoming. In January of 2016 he joined the Wisconsin DNR and last September became a conservation warden for the western half of Fond du Lac County.  Hankee says being a conservation warden combines several passions for him. He says he likes the outdoors and hunting and fishing. He says he also likes diversity in work and has always had a passion for law enforcement. He says although he has a role during sturgeon spearing season, he has not tried the sport himself.