New FDL County Highway Garage Nearing Completion

The construction of a new Fond du Lac County Highway Garage
was one of the top stories in the county for 2019, and it looks like that the
new facility will be fully operational by January.

County Executive Allen Buechel tells us the move-in process
has begun, albeit slowly. “The construction is done, but there’s always the “punch
list”, which are those little things that you find that are not quite right,”
Buechel said. “But right now, they are moving in slowly, they’re packing up at
the old garage and they’re moving over to the new garage.”

Buechel explains that the final work that is needed on the building
should be complete by early January, with the facility fully in-use soon after.
The new garage is located on Hickory Street just south of Highway 151. It
replaces the current facility on Dixie Street which was built in 1929.