New FDL County Highway Garage Update

Fond du Lac County
Commissioner Tom Janke says a new highway
garage off Hickory Street
and south of Highway 151 in Fond du
is something residents will see built over the
next three years. He says the original building on Dixie Street went up in the later 1920s
with the first major upgrade in 1936. He says the building simply isn’t big
enough to house the modern-day trucks they use because the main bay is too narrow.
Janke says they buy the trucks to fit the building, not to meet the needs of
the department which isn’t something they want to do. He says most of the
design work for the new garage will be done next year and construction will
take place in 2019 and 2020, with the department hopefully moving in to
facility in 2021. Janke says they’ve already cleared the property and removed
an old home. He says fill from the Pioneer
project is being stored there now and will be
used when the garage is being built.