New Marian President Likes Job So Far

Marian University’s president recently completed his fourth week at the school and he says he likes what he has seen so far. Andrew Manion was born in Rhode Island and grew up in Albany, New York. His father was a college president and his mother a college professor. Manion says there were a lot of things about Marian that appealed to him when he applied for the position. He says he appreciated the values, the fact that it is a Catholic school, the size of the school, the support of the Fond du Lac community and it had a lot going for it. Manion says he prefers the education a private college can offer over a state-run school. He says smaller school, smaller classes, more substantive relationships faculty can have with students makes a big difference to him. He says Marian’s Board of Directors did set goals for him including being able to take Marian to the next level. He says he also has to be successful at fundraising and that the institution is known for excellence.