New School Year on the Horizon for NFDL School District

The start of a new school year is on the horizon for
students and staff in the School District of North Fond du Lac. School
officially begins for students on Tuesday, September 3rd, and
teachers and staff are continuing their preparations to welcome students back
to the classroom. For new staff members in the district, part of their
preparations for a new year included training on positive psychology. District
Superintendent Aaron Sadoff led the training – and says he’s impressed with
their new staff members. “We have about 190 staff, and these 28 people – 16 are
really new, the other 12 came throughout the year – these 16 people, like I
told them, we didn’t hire you so you’re more like us, the administrators found
them, the teams found them so that we can be more like them.”

Sadoff explains the positive psychology approach means making
sure both students and staff alike know they are valued. “Research shows, we
just have to change our mindset,” Sadoff said. “It’s okay to share the good, it’s
okay to invest in people – and when you invest in somebody, that doesn’t mean
that they get what they want – you have to hold people accountable.” Sadoff
went on to say that when kids first start school and when staff members “are on
the same page – that we’re going to treat somebody as valuable – and that we’re
not going to react to them, we’re going to support them – it matters.”