New Set Of Wheels For FDL Fire/Rescue

If Santa WERE to be riding in a parade this Christmas, he’d probably like to do it in Fond du Lac. A brand new multi-use unit should be arriving in the city from Pierce Manufacturing next week, it’s called the Quint 472,  and Chief Peter O’Leary tells KFIZ News it’s a pretty amazing piece of machinery.

“It’s a cross-section between a fire engine and a ladder truck”. O’Leary says the new truck brings an array of versatility to the Fire/Rescue team. “The quint does both. It will be housed at a Fire Station, and will go out on a First Response like a fire engine, but it has the added capacity/capability of a ladder truck, so it’s a little bit different. That’s why it’s a Quint.”

And Chief O’Leary is quick to point out, the only reason any of it happens is because of people, “I’ve been very fortunate as a fire chief, to ask for things that our members need to do their jobs. The people in this community respect what we do. We are very aware of that, and we are appreciative of the money they give us to do our job. This fire truck is no different than any other thing we’ve been able to get.”

The new equipment should be ready for use sometime in January, once training has been completed.