Newly-Signed State Budget to Benefit UW-O Science Center Project

Leaders at UW-Oshkosh say the state’s next two-year budget
will help begin renovations to the school’s Clow Social Science Center and
Nursing-Education Building. In a news release, UW-O officials say $500,000 in
the state budget allows design work on renovations to begin now and
construction to begin in 2021-22. The renovations will help Oshkosh “create and
educational center that will provide innovative instructional environments for
the teachers of tomorrow, particularly those in the STEM area.” UW-Oshkosh Chancellor
Andy Leavitt said “I am pleased with the investment in higher education
being made by our Governor and legislators.”. Leavitt thanked State Senator Dan
Feyen of Fond du Lac, State Representative Gordon Hintz of Oshkosh and State Representative
Michael Schraa, also of Oshkosh, for “their efforts to advance this worthy project.