NFDL Applies For Grant To Deal With Damage Done By EAB

The North Fond du Lac Village Board recently approved applying for a $20,000 grant to deal with replacing the trees being destroyed by the Emerald Ash Borer.  The grant will be through the Wisconsin RPC and Green Lake Basin Tree Planting Program. Village Administrator Chuck Hornung says a number of Ash trees will be removed from the Village this summer. He says, “At first our DPW Director was going after the most severe ones you know, but not anymore. Now it is just labeling them and going after them. I think he has over 100 of them labeled for this summer.” The Village will have to provide a match for the grant, which they already have in their budget. Hornung says, “There is like a $5,000 match that’s in our budget already for tree replacement so it is really not going to effect budget at all. It is just a matter of going after that $20,000 to help with that whole tree removal and replacement.”