NFDL Applies For Stormwater Control Grant

The North Fond du Lac Village Board recently approved a resolution allowing village officials to apply for a construction grant for a detention pond. The pond is used to control agriculture or urban water runoff pollution from running into the lake. Village Administrator Chuck Hornung says the problem is silt builds up in detention ponds over time. He says, “After so many years you have to go in and measure the amount of silt that has built up. You know the purpose of those is to capture that before it runs out into the lake.” Hornung notes most detention ponds constructed are deeper than this one so the grant would also allow them to make the pond deeper. He says, “This grant is possibly two-fold to not only clear the silt out, but maybe to also make it a little deeper. So it is just authorization to go ahead and apply for the grant because it is a 50 percent match.” Hornung says this particular detention pond was built about 10 years ago.