NFDL Doing Something Similar To FDL Olsen’s Crossing

Officials in North Fond du Lac will be putting up a cut stone this summer touting what a great place the Village is to live, work and play. It’s part of an effort to beautify the southwest corner at the intersection of Prospect Avenue and Winnebago Street where a house once stood. Village Administrator Chuck Hornung says the stone will be 10 feet wide, 8 feet high and 8 inches thick. There will be landscaping to enhance it. He says, “That’s going to be in that corner with all the landscaping around it as well. It’s something you see in a number of municipalities when you travel. So that’s a project for this summer.” They will be working with Stuart’s Landscaping to create something similar to what Stuart’s has done in Fond du Lac. Hornung says, “We are working with Stuart’s who has volunteered to more or less take over that whole corner with the landscaping and everything. They did something similar in the City at the corner of Park and Scott and so I guess maybe that will be our version of that with again Stuart’s partnering with us to do that.” The stone will come from a local quarry. Hornung says the North Fond du Lac Optimists Club will be funding a large portion of the project.