NFDL Fire Chief Knew Arrest Was Coming

North Fond du Lac’s Fire Chief was not surprised when he was taken into custody at the Village Hall Wednesday on suspicion of theft. Village Police Chief Darren Pautsch says he got a call around noon that day from police in Bradford, Pennsylvania. He says they told him they had been investigating Fire Chief Richard Zmuda, charges had been filed and a warrant had been issued for his arrest. The warrant was for theft by deception, which is a felony in Pennsylvania. Pautsch says he verified the warrant and went to Zmuda’s office. He says Zmuda knew it was coming. Bradford Police had contacted Zmuda and informed him charges were being filed. Pautsch handled taking Zmuda into custody himself. He then turned him over to another Village officer for transport to the Fond du Lac County Jail. Zmuda’s is accused of stealing nearly $48,000 from an elderly aunt who had entrusted him with money from an insurance policy. He has resigned from his position with the village and told court officials Thursday morning he would not fight extradition to Pennsylvania.