NFDL School Board Members Resign

One day after the North Fond du Lac School Board met in a special meeting to discuss the current mask mandate policy, board member Shawn Pollack announced his resignation. Pollack told KFIZ News Thursday morning that Paula Stettbacher had also tendered her resignation the same time he did.

In a post on his Facebook account, Pollack said “it is with regret and a heavy heart that I resign from my position with the Board of Education for the North Fond du Lac School District effective immediately.”

Pollack continued by saying he’s been an Oriole for nearly 40 years, and that he “valued education, the unity it can create and boundless opportunities it provides.”

Former board member Pollack then said “democracy is beautiful. It’s hard too. But it only works if we can operate with a sense of integrity. Last might the board was brought before the public for a vote asking us to empower the Administrator to directly adjust between virus mitigation strategies this school year.”

Pollack said District Administrator Aaron Sadoff changed the question prior to the motion being made, which “neutered our ability to faithfully vote on the original item before us.” According to Mr. Pollack, Sadoff made an impulsive choice out of fear. And because of that, Pollack said “I no longer feel I’m able to effectively contribute to the community in my capacity on the board.”

Prior to the Tuesday evening meeting, the NFDL Board of Education had voted to maintain a “mask optional” policy. That policy remains in effect as of Wednesday night (9/1/2021)

KFIZ News reached out to Mr. Pollack, who told us “I’d rather my letter stand alone. I don’t have any additional comments to make at the moment.”

See the full Facebook post here: