NFDL School District Investigating Bullying Complaint

Confidentiality laws don’t permit the North Fond du Lac Schools Superintendent to talk about how they addressed a bullying situation at the Bessie Allen Middle School. Aaron Sadoff saw the KFIZ story about a Fond du Lac family that lost everything in an apartment fire this week, but has also been dealing with a 13-year-old son being picked on by school bullies. Sadoff expressed his sympathy about the fire. He says not knowing how a school district deals with bullies is a frustrating thing for the families of victims. He says, “Sometimes or a lot of times or most of the time the families of the victim of the bully don’t really know what happens to the other child because of not only legal, but moral reasons we don’t tell families about what goes on with consequences and was goes on we just can’t we can say hey we are taking care of this we’re doing the best we can we’re holding people accountable.” He tells us the school district will do their best to help out, which includes working with police, the families, and anybody that can help. On the other hand they also have to deal with the bullies. Sadoff says, “You know the sad thing is that we’ve got some people that aren’t very nice and those are things that we also have to work with is trying to marginalize their impact on people and making our society safer and safer.” The mother of the teenage bullying victim told KFIZ News Thursday that both Sadoff and the district liaison officer had reached out to her to arrange meetings.

Aaron Sadoff statement:

“We are helping in any way we can to make our schools safe and take all threats and complaints seriously.  Families do not completely know what we do with bullying and conflict situations because of confidentiality laws when dealing with children – but inform as much as we can.  We accept this responsibility to help and will continue to work together with families, staff, community and authorities to keep our kids as emotionally and physically safe as we can.”