NFDL School District Receives Eye On Innovation Award

The North Fond du Lac School District has been recognized for implementing a positive philosophy. CESA 6 recently recognized the District with is Eye on Innovation Award for embracing positive psychology to improve the happiness and success of students, staff and families. North Fond du Lac School District Superintendent Aaron Sadoff says staff was trained in Harvard professor Shawn Anchor’s “Orange Frog” philosophy that cultivates a positive mindset. All 180 school district employees took one-day workshops. Sadoff says the Fond du Lac Area Foundation and School District also provided 430 “Orange Frog” books, which 5K through 5th grade families read over 4 weeks. The “Orange Frog” philosophy is so-named after a parable. The North Fond du Lac School District is the first of 42 school districts in CESA 6 to receive the Eye on Innovation Award.