NFDL School District Sees Positive Reversal Of Fortune In Open Enrollment

The state’s open enrollment program has been kind to the North Fond du Lac School District over the past few years. District Superintendent Aaron Sadoff says nine years ago they lost 42 students to open enrollment, but this past year they saw a gain of 70 students. He says that has a significant impact on state aid. He says nine years ago they had to shell out $250,000 to those districts who got those students and this past year they received $550,000 in additional funding. He says on the other hand they have had to turn away students for certain grades that they have too many students in. He says they can’t accept any more students in fourth grade because they have 104 students. He says they have also had to deny enrollment at the high school in a couple of grades. Wisconsin’s open enrollment period is February 6th through April 28th.