NFDL Schools Referendum

North Fond du Lac Schools Superintendent Aaron Sadoff says they’ve provided voters with as much information as they can about the two referendum questions they have placed before them on tomorrow’s ballot. He says the process from a Facilities Committee to a survey to the two questions totaling $29.5 million for improvements to their facilities took several years. He says the tax impact would raise the school district’s mill rate, but not by the 45 cents they got support for in a survey. He says at most it would go up by 26 cents to $9.90 per thousand dollars of value on a home. Sadoff says he knows there are voters who don’t have kids in the school district, but those people have interaction during their daily lives with kids that go to school or people who attended school in the district. He says the more kids they make college and career ready the better the property values and the safer the neighborhoods are. More information about the referendum can be found on the District’s website.