NFDL Schools Superintendent Testifies At Senate Hearing

North Fond du Lac Schools Superintendent Aaron Sadoff was one of those who testified on the State Senate’s school accountability legislation this week. He says he prefers the Senate’s version to the State Assembly’s Bill. He says he’s glad they are going about it through a bill and not including it as part of the State Budget. He says he like a few things about the Senate’s version. He says it would keep the current system for grading school performance intact with terms like meeting expectations and exceeding expectations as opposed to a letter grade. It also calls for one assessment for all such as the Badger exam or ACT testing. He says it also wouldn’t require turning schools that aren’t doing well into charter schools after a certain period. He says it’s difficult for schools with a poorer population to turn things around quickly. Sadoff feels public schools are being held accountable enough, but he says the legislation would incorporate voucher and charter schools as well.