NFDL Schools to Implement Unique Charter Opportunity

There is a lot happening in the North Fond du Lac School District – from the construction of a new school to the introduction of pickleball courts. Superintendent Aaron Sadoff tells us they are also creating a special kind of schooling to help kids develop through their strengths. 

He says “it’s based off the work of Dr. Darold Treffert and the work he’s done with students that have autism on the spectrum, but it’s also really for anybody who has the passion and the focus on strengths – to get all of their literacy, math, and all the other requirements done in a unique way. It’s going to start next year at the Early Learning Center, we’re looking at exactly where it’s going to be and hopefully expand.”

Sadoff adds that about about forty kids will be in the first run of the program – which will benefit “any student that really has a passion and that really has some great strengths in different things – be it math, be it science, being it reading or literature – that they can utilize those strengths and really hone in and do their education in a way that’s more meaningful and successful for them.”

Sadoff spent time at a charter school conference in Wausau this week to learn more about how to implement the plan and even acquire additional funding to help move things forward.