NFDL Student Fined, Suspended Following Masking Dispute

It’s School Choice Week,, with many students and their families being reminded of all the choices, as well as the rights and privileges they have, when it comes to where you go to school.

One North Fond du Lac student found out Thursday that the choices you make, while in school, also have substantial consequences.

In an exchange with the mother of the student, KFIZ News has learned the student was removed from school back in September of 2021, due to not following masking guidelines as spelled out by the district.

KFIZ News was also informed the student made an appearance in Lakeside Municipal Court Thursday, and was fined $563 and suspended from school for 3 days, as a result of the September incident.

The mother also told KFIZ News she is facing a fine and will appear in court in February. She said she was charged with Disorderly Conduct and was originally issued restricted access to school property, issued by North Fond du Lac School District Superintendent Aaron Sadoff.

The mother did say the restricted access was dropped a week later.

The mother said her child was not the only student removed back in September 2021, but felt her child was singled out because the student had been the most vocal regarding the masking guidelines that were put in place.