NFDL Students Learn About Coding

A national initiative called The Hour of Code in introducing students to computer science, demystifying code. The demand from the workforce for students with that knowledge is huge and the possibilities for students entering the workforce who know how to code could be advantageous. Kurt Wismer is teaching students at Bessie Allen Middle School and the High School in North Fond du Lac about coding. He says they have computer science courses at the schools, they are creating video games with sixth graders and 8th graders are learning about robots. Wismer says there are so many tutorials and content online that it’s gotten so much easier to have access to it and learn on your own. He says he taught himself and saw the possibilities and realized kids have to have exposure to it as well. Students at Horace Mann High School and Bessie Allen Middle School are taking part in a week devoted to The Hour of Code this week.