NFDL Updating Village’s Comprehensive Plan, Residents’ Input Welcome

Village leaders in North Fond du Lac are looking to the
future in more ways than one. The Village Board recently began discussions on the
community’s 2020 budget, but board members are also looking at what the next 20
years might have in store for North Fond du Lac. Village Administrator Nick Leonard
explains their 20-year comprehensive plan gives them ideas on how to move forward
in the next two decades. “It’s basically a planning tool for the village – in
looking at where we want to grow residential, commercial, industrial, how we
want to redevelop, what type of land uses we want to see in the village,” he
said. “We try to look out 20 years and say ‘Ok, where do we need growth, where would
we want this growth to be?’” Leonard says the plan helps out when someone
approaches the village looking to add a subdivision or business – leaders can
then identify the areas where growth is needed, to steer the development in the
right direction.

Residents of North Fond du Lac are invited to take an
online survey to share their thoughts with the village as they update the
comprehensive plan. The link can be found on the Village’s Website.