NFDL Village Board Approves Moving Forward With Street Projects

Eight to ten people spoke during a public hearing in North Fond du Lac about special assessments for street improvements planned for Minnesota Avenue and Indiana Avenue. Village Administrator Chuck Hornung says both streets are unimproved, which means assessments for the work can be quite costly for the homeowner. He says some of those costs could range from $10,000 to $20,000. He says speakers were civil about it. He says if an assessment is more than $5,000 the homeowner has 10 years to pay it off. Hornung says they have had problems on both Indiana Avenue and Minnesota Avenue with maintenance because of the street conditions. He says on Indiana Avenue they have had eight water main breaks over a short period and on Minnesota he says the shoulders are continually breaking off because there is no curb and gutter. The Village Board approved going forward with the street projects following the public hearing Monday night.