NFDL Village President Candidates Work For Common Good

Voters in North Fond du Lac should be well acquainted with the two candidates vying for the Village Board presidency in April. Mike Streetar and Keith King both have served on the Village Board for more than 10 years. Streetar and King both survived Tuesday’s primary election. Streetar encouraged King to originally put his name in for the board. Streetar says they have been on opposite sides of issues a number of times, but both have the taxpayers’ best interests at heart. He says, “I never envisioned we would be head-to-head. It’s interesting you know we do like to give each other a hard time and we work together on the Veterans Memorial Committee and stuff. I know Keith really well.  But we will let the voters decide who they think should lead us into the future.” Streetar says the Village President is a trustee like anyone else on the board, but has some additional duties.