Nicholson Drops Out Of Governor Race

With only five weeks to go before the August 9 primary, Republican Kevin Nicholson, announced Tuesday he was dropping out of the race.

Nicholson had not been able to gain any momentum with voters, trailing former Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch and businessman Tim Michels consistently in the polling.

Nicholson said the race for governor is too important “for our state and our movement” and said the only way to move forward would be to attack the other candidates. Nicholson said “that is not something I want to do.”

A Marquette University Law School poll released on June 22 had Nicholson at 10% compared with 27% for Michels and 26% for Kleefisch. State Rep. Timothy Ramthun was at 3%, with 32% of respondents undecided.

Nicholson said he has no plans to endorse any candidate prior to the primary and will support the nominee.