No Fireworks Set for Walleye Weekend

There will not be any fireworks going off as part of Walleye Weekend this year. Division Chief of Fire Prevention Troy Haase says the crowds always loves the fireworks, but the event puts extra work on the fire department to keep everyone safe. 

Haase tells us “it gives us a little bit of relief and it’s been wet enough and we probably have enough moisture in the ground and stuff, but it’s one of those things that puts a lot of stress on us. It’s just this year they’re not going to do it because they either didn’t get sponsorship or decided not to.”

Walleye Weekend officially begins at 3:00pm Friday afternoon at Lakeside Park. Haase also advises people to make good decision during the event – to not drink and drive, smoke near tents, and be aware of how the heat and alcohol may be affecting them.