North Fond du Lac Prepares for New Friendship Learning Center

The North Fond du Lac School District is well on its way to having a new school – called the “World of Friendship”. The new building will be divided into different “continents”, rather than grade levels. 5th grade will be Europe, and other grades will be designated as different spots around the globe. 

Superintendent Aaron Sadoff says the concept will help students learn more than just the basics. He tells us “it’s going to be really fun to have the kids learn culture in an inclusive environment. Oh and by the way we’re going to be teaching you how to read and write and you won’t even know it because it’ll be so much fun.”

The school is being funded by a referendum that was approved by 70-percent of voters in the district. Sadoff says the goal is to educate kids on the basics – but also introduce the importance of things like respect and work ethic. The school should be finished around this time next year.