North Fond du Lac Schools Seeing Changes and Construction

It has been a summer of change in the North Fond du Lac School District. Major renovations are being made at schools around the district, and a new building is in the process of going up.

Superintendent Aaron Sadoff says there has also been some changeover in staff – and necessity for new staff. Sadoff estimated that “we’re up probably 250 kids in the past three years. So we’re starting to add positions. We’re adding a part-time Dean of Students at Friendship Learning Center Elementary – we’re reconfiguring our student services giving some more support there.”

Sadoff also pointed out that there is a lot of work being done on “the building projects we have at Friendship, our new gym, the new
learning lands. We just had the Facilities Committee come through yesterday and
tour before the board meeting and it’s just amazing. And then the renovation we
have at Horace Mann and Bessie Allen. We have secure buildings now but it’s
going to be even more secure and bring more peace of mind. We just want to keep
getting better.”

He also says the district is being granted a waiver to shift the school year schedule around construction. Sadoff explains that “t
hey need more time to get it done, so
we’re starting August 20
th – which means we’ll be done by May 24th.
So that gives them another two to three weeks of summer next year, and if they
need more time we might start a little later in September or start right around
September 1
st. But that gives them time and the DPI is fine with

Recent funding through the state is allowing the district to improve safety measures at the schools. Sadoff adds that a new HVAC system is also being installed – along with six pickle ball courts as the game grows in popularity.