North Fondy PDQ Will Become A Kwik Trip

The PDQ Food Store in North Fond du Lac is one of 34 PDQ stores in southeastern Wisconsin that will become a Kwik Trip Store. Dave Niemi with Kwik Trip Corporate Communications confirmed that purchase for KFIZ News. He says all 34 stores will become Kwik Trips. He says the PDQ logo will be kept until they have a chance to renovate and update those stores, which should occur by mid-2018. Niemi says all the current PDQ employees will be able to reapply for positions with Kwik Trip. He says Kwik Trip plans to add 400 or 500 jobs at the 34 stores. What does that mean for the Butcher’s Block located in the North Fond du Lac PDQ? They will likely have to relocate. Niemi says they don’t usually handle fresh meat on premises in their Kwik Trips stores although they do offer a line of packaged meats in them. The Butcher’s Block also has a shop at 221 Fond du Lac Avenue in Fond du Lac. Kwik Trip owns and operates over 570 stores in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa. The closing for the purchase of the PDQ stores is in early October.