Norton Points to Experience as Sheriff’s Race Inches Closer

There is just over a month left before the August primary elections – and the election of a new Fond du Lac County Sheriff. It’s a race between Captain Ryan Waldschmidt and Deputy Mike Norton. 

Norton has served in the Navy, state corrections, and the sheriff’s office for the past 33 years – and thinks his years of experience give him an edge. He tells us “my leadership skills that I performed back in the Navy have not changed. I’d still be the same person as a leader for the Sheriff’s Office now. That’s what I picked up from the service – the teamwork, the leadership skills, and the knowledge of dealing with people and being able to perform as I did.”

Norton adds that “when I started my career of serving country, state, and community, my
opponent was seven years old. So because of that main reason of having all of
this extra experience of working in the field and working with people and
serving – I believe with my years of experience over his, that puts me over the

Norton was also commended for his outstanding performance as the head of the emergency room at Camp Pendleton during his time with the Navy. He says as sheriff, he would also continue to work among the regular patrol deputies. Norton believes “the sheriff could be more personal with the current troops and stuff like that. Be on a more open communication level. Going out and performing some of the duties with the guys every once in a while, stuff like that. It builds up morale, and it shows people that you’re not above them to the point of ‘I don’t do this anymore.’”

The election is set for August 14th