Norton Prepares for Sheriff’s Race

Patrolman Mike Norton is running against Captain Ryan Waldschmidt in the race for Fond du Lac County Sheriff. Norton’s campaign is focused on more aggressive enforcement, especially when it comes to the opioid epidemic and heroin dealers in the area. 

He says “there are so many other issues that stem from heroin use. Not just the
people that get addicted to it and overdose and deal it – but these people
aren’t able to work and earn money. So where do you think they get the money to
purchase these drugs? They’re stealing, they’re robbing people. There’s a whole
host of crimes that come along with the epidemic of heroin and opiates.”

Norton also says he would push for legislation requiring a mandatory sentence for dealers – rather than just a short stint in jail or probation. He also hopes to partner with the DEA and surrounding counties to deal with the drug issues. 

Other than his aggressive approach to enforcement, Norton says he “would be a very active sheriff in the community. I would be visible and available for any requests. If they want me at the meetings, I’ll be at the meetings. I’ll be attending events and out there for people to ask and comment on if we’re doing a good job or what they want done or what they want to see”

The election is set for Tuesday, August 14th