Number Of Drunken Driving Arrests In FDL County Last Weekend Unusual

Fond du Lac County Sheriff’s deputies arrested seven people for drunken driving in a little over an eight hour span last weekend. The third shift arrested six people from 11:40 Friday night to 4 a.m. Saturday morning. Sheriff’s Captain Ryan Waldschmidt says a seventh person was arrested for drunken driving by the day shift about four hours later. He says, “You could throw a seventh in there because after third shift that following morning at eight o’clock in the morning a day shift deputy stopped a car on 151 for speeding over 90 miles an hour and the driver of that car at 8 a.m. was still intoxicated from the night before.” Waldschmidt says they released information about the arrests to let people know they aren’t just arresting people for drunken driving during holiday enforcement efforts. “We just wanted to put the word out there that for those that are choosing to drive drunk we’re working to find you 24/7 365 not just during these national campaigns and mobilizations.” The first six people arrested ranged in age from 20 to 40-years-old. Two of the arrests were for a second drunken driving offense.