Oakfield Historical Society

The newly formed Oakfield Historical Society held its first event over the past weekend. Celebrate Oakfield included an ice cream social and activities at the Village Park including live music. Eighteen-year-old Owen Stoppleworth is one of the founders of the Oakfield Historical Society. He says he got the idea while researching the history of his family at the library. He says he noticed flaws in the Village’s history, which hasn’t been updated since 1960. He is currently working on that. He says Oakfield has had more in its history than the 1996 tornado. He says they had 6 to 7 gas stations in the Village in the 1950s, they have had 4 or 5 train wrecks, and a plant manufactured air meters that were sent all over the world. Stoppleworth will be attending the Milwaukee School of Engineering this fall. There are currently 10 members in the Oakfield Historical Society, which formed this past February.