Oakfield School District Referendum on Ballot April 2nd

Voters in the Oakfield School District will be asked to approve a $5.3 million operating referendum when they go to the polls on April 2nd. The referendum question asks taxpayers to approve exceeding state revenue caps by $1 million dollars for two years – and then $1.1 million for three years. The new referendum would replace one that is set to expire in June of 2020 that is for $6.6 million. That current referendum was approved in April of 2014. District Administrator Dr. Vance Dalzin says operating referendums are nothing new to the district. “It’s used for operational costs, maintenance costs, just to keep the district going. Over the years, since 1995, we’ve had several operational referendums in the Oakfield School District, it’s been kind of what happens in this district,” Dalzin said.

Dalzin says the district’s mill rate for property taxes should drop if the referendum were to pass. “Now this is the average, for a $100,000 house, it will go down $68 for the year, for a $150,000 house, it will go down $102 and for a $200,000 house, it will go down $136, so it will keep the mill rate less because you’re levying less money.” The district has also seen their mill rate drop over the last year because of an increase in state aid and the addition of 122 students through open enrollment. Overall, Dalzin says there’s a lot to be positive about in the district. “We’re rated as ‘Significantly Exceeds Expectations’ for the last two years so we’re achieving at a high level, we have a lot of opportunities for kids academically, but as well as extra-curricular activities, we’re updating and maintaining our facilities, so we’re proud of what we’re doing in Oakfield,” he said. He adds that Oakfield has a history of being supportive of their schools, and he hopes that continues in April.