Michael Robert Geib (Mike)

Michael Robert Geib (Mike) died Sunday, June 29, 2014 at home from
complications of Type 2 diabetes. He was 56. He was born in Fond du Lac
on May 31, 1958 to Robert P. Geib and Anita P (Kuether) Geib, and lived
in the area throughout his life. He attended Goodrich High School and
later worked with his brother, David, first landscaping and then in
vending service. He loved his pet cats, antiques, fried egg sandwiches,
camping and fishing trips with his brothers and dad.

He was a
Bahá’í and was generous and compassionate to many people, especially
those who struggled in life. He was funny with a playful sense of humor.
Mimicking his Aunt Tiz, he would call out, “Hi Honey!” when he saw you,
and was always up for a silly joke.

For instance, one day he
and David were on a vending route when they saw mom and Aunt Dynie
shopping in a local jewelry store. So they stopped and went into the
store. With one of them on either side of mom, they said in a loud
voice, “Come on Anita, it is time to go back to the home. You know you
weren’t supposed to leave.” Then they lifted her off the ground with her
kicking. She demanded they put her down and called her sister for help,
but Aunt Dynie shook her head and said she didn’t know any of them. It
is a favorite family gem and a classic Mike and David joke.

Michael is survived by his sisters, Bobbie Lee (Geib) Kolehouse of
Stevens Point, and Sandra Rae Geib of Fond du Lac. He is also survived
by his brothers, David Geib (Kathy), Dan Geib, and Craig Geib (Mona) all
of the Fond du Lac area, as well as numerous cousins, nieces, nephews,
and great- nieces and nephews. He was preceded in death by his father
and mother, and his grandparents.

Services will be held
graveside at 2PM on Thursday, July 3, 2014 at 2 p.m. at Ledgeview
Memorial Park, N6250 County Road K, Fond du Lac. Michael’s family is
deeply grateful to all the people who worked to help him recover from
the loss of his mother. In the hours before his ascendency, he was
poised to move forward positively in his life. He leaped into his
future. Joyous journey, Michael. Give mom and dad a hug and a kiss from

When it leaveth the body, however, it [the soul]will
evince such ascendancy, and reveal such influence as no force on earth
can equal. Every pure, every refined and sanctified soul will be endowed
with tremendous power, and shall rejoice with exceeding gladness.