Nancy L. McLeod

Nancy Lee McLeod was born to Kenneth M. and Laura McLeod in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin on April 21st, 1937.  She was the light of her parents’ life!  

Nancy attended elementary school in Fond du Lac.  She continued her education at the Devereaux School near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Later, she transferred to St. Coletta school in Jefferson, Wisconsin, where she studied, worked and lived until her passing to her Heavenly Home on Friday, April 9th, 2021.  She leaves behind a loving family of friends at St. Coletta, her best friend, Rita and beloved long-time care-givers Donna and Mary.  She also leaves a loving family, including her cousin/guardians, Joani and John Heavey.  

Nancy spent much of her adult years enjoying relationships at St. Coletta.  Her favorite pastimes were coloring, cuddling with her stuffed animals and watching TV.  Her special color was pink, she loved to receive and open gifts, and she never lost her love for eating, especially her sweets!  Nancy always valued books.  In particular, she loved the Bible, reading it and having it read to her, hearing stories about Jesus’ love.  Nancy loved to chat with family and friends, and giggled often.  She had an incredible memory and was able to recall family events, even addresses from long ago!   She was sweet and kind, noticing admirable traits in other people.   Nancy was truly a joy to be around.   She will be missed!