O’Connor Enters 52nd District Assembly Race

Today Jerry O’Connor formally announced his Republican candidacy for the 52nd District of the Wisconsin State Assembly.  

KFIZ News was first to interview O’Connor on Monday (3/21/2022) and we asked him why he was entering the race.

“I am running for this seat because I have always cared about the consequences political decisions have in everyday life and I am deeply concerned about where the direction of our country has gone in recent years. With Jeremy Thiesfeldt not running for re-election, this is the first time, my business experience, availability and an opportunity have arrived at the same intersection.”  

O’Connor also issued a press release on Monday, announcing his candidacy.

“Americans are facing challenges on nearly every front.  Rising inflation, prices and social conflicts on one hand, with shrinking wallets and opportunities for the next generation’s workforce on the other.  Much of this is a direct result of short-term socialist minded progressive policies.  We need a strong and persuasive voice in Madison that brings a proven history of leadership that has a hard focus on creating long-term sustainable government policies for our citizens.

Jerry and his wife Luanne (Bohlman- Romuald) live in the Town of Fond du Lac and together they have five children and four grandchildren.  

With more than 40 years of experience in financial services, Jerry has worked with businesses and job-providers of all types and sizes to find successful solutions to fit their needs.  On the home front, he worked  with hundreds of people to buy their homes, a newer car, save for the future or pay for education.  He has a lifetime of listening to the needs and desires of the people who came to him, where he says, “I worked in a role where I could actually make a difference in people’s lives.”

Jerry has served on the FDL area Economic Development and FDL Agri-Business boards.  He has served as a Board Chair for: a Community bank, State-Wide Association service boards, Rotary Club, Charis Pregnancy Help Center and others.  “These opportunities have sharpened my abilities and provided me with a broad experience in defining and executing real solutions for families, job-creators, industry, social needs and community outreach.”

O’Connor said he specifically wants to bring a focus to: economic and fiscal solutions; promoting an attractive job-creating business environment that can offer desirable high-paying jobs;  reform an education system that equips students for the next generation of jobs; demands that government lives within its means and protects us, without over-reaching, over-regulating or over-taxing us; Supporting Law Enforcement, the Rule of Law and Election Integrity.  

O’Connor supports Pro-Life/Family issues, School Choice and protecting all of our Amendments set forth in the Bill of Rights.  You can learn more by going to his website at:  www.votejerry4stateassembly.com