October is Manufacturing Month in Wisconsin

October is Manufacturing Month in Wisconsin – a month to
celebrate and highlight the manufacturing industry and what it means to not
only the state’s economy but the economy in the local area. Around 20 percent
of jobs in Wisconsin are in the manufacturing sector, a number that sits around
22 percent for the Fond du Lac area.

Jim Cleveland is the Director of Outreach and Client
Services for Envision Greater Fond du Lac – he says that while many people may
think of big companies like Mercury Marine or Alliance Laundry Systems when
they think of manufacturing in the area, there are many medium and small-sized
companies that contribute to the industry as well. “As the Mercurys are needing
things, these smaller companies are providing a lot of work to the big
companies,” Cleveland said. “When you look at the success of manufacturing, it
goes much deeper than the ‘big guys’ around town, you get down into the smaller
manufacturing firms as well.” Cleveland adds that Envision Greater Fond du Lac
is working to help area youth learn more about the industry through programs
like Project GRILL and Youth Apprenticeship.

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